Change of Plans
We regret to inform you that due to unforeseen circumstances regarding the pandemic, and to ensure the well being of our loved ones, we have decided to cancel our wedding on 11/14/2020. We are still excited to say “I do,” and will be married the future in a more intimate ceremony. We thank you for your understanding.
Kristen Kowalski & John Herbster

Kristen Kowalski


John Herbster

Kristen Kowalski and John Herbster

Our Story

How We Met 11.11.2014
With a fated 'swipe-right' on a dating app and a quick few messages back and forth, we met up for a lunch on Veteran's day. After telling the waitress we needed more time to order because we were talking too much to look at the menu (three times!), we finally had our lunch and took a walk on the pier. Our lunch-date turned into a 5 hour all afternoon event, complete with our first kiss. We moved in together 9 months later and the rest is history!

The Proposal 10.19.2018
After a visit to our favorite local burger place, John lit a bonfire in the backyard for the two of us to enjoy. While sipping our favorite beer that John so thoughtfully brought, he surprised Kristen with a song he wrote for her, finishing it off by getting down on one knee and taking out the ring in a wooden box he made himself! She said yes of course!

Our Wedding 11.14.2020
Just over 6 years to the day of our first date, we will be finally tying the knot!
Jennifer Postorino